Treatment of Tinnitus Due to Cisplatin – The Top 3 Home Remedies

Have you been searching for the treatment of tinnitus due to Cisplatin with little or no luck? After many hours of research, I’ve found the top 3 home remedies for tinnitus due to Cisplatin.

I’m sure you have heard these 3 tired remedies before, but keep reading. The more you read, the more you will understand what needs to be done to get rid of your ringing ears the healthy way.

For every 5 patients treated with Cisplatin, 3 will develop tinnitus. The odds are clearly against you. Don’t get me wrong, the ringing in the ears definitely beats the alternative, but the ringing can be painful in itself. Sometimes the ear noise will get so loud you feel like you’re about Silencil to lose your mind. Vertigo, nausea, anxiety, and depression are all the result of the obnoxious noise. In some severe cases the ringing and the results of the ringing can be life changing.

1. Learn to ignore the tinnitus.
If you ask your doctor what you should do about the tinnitus, he will probably tell you to ignore it. Why? Because he doesn’t have a clue what else to tell you. Doctors and scientist have yet to find a cure for tinnitus. If you have mild tinnitus, you may be able to teach yourself not to ‘hear’ it. Maskers or white noise machines can help to drown out the ringing while you are going through this process.

2. H2O
The treatment of tinnitus due to Cisplatin should start with prevention. If you are currently going through Cisplatin treatment, drink plenty of water during and the next day after the treatment. The water will help to reduce the toxic effect the treatment has on your body and could prevent tinnitus.

3. Ginkgo Biloba Extract
Ginkgo Biloba Extract could prevent not only the tinnitus, but also the hearing loss associated with Cisplatin treatment. Ginkgo has also been shown to decrease the noise level of the ringing in the ears. Take 50 mg three times daily.

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