8 Questions For Photo Booth Rentals

Are you looking to plan a fun event? Photo booth rentals are great at adding spontaneousness to your party. There are many photo booth companies for you to choose from? Do you know the right questions to run by your potential vendor? Listed below are 8 questions you should ask every photo booth company. It is important that you remember to ask these questions. One factor might make or break the quality of your photos. The last thing you want this to do is affect the outcome of your celebration.

Questions for Photo Booth Rentals

1.) Does your Photo Booth accommodate guests with special needs? People with handicap disabilities will want to take photos as well. Some companies make you stand while taking the photo. This makes handicap accessibility impossible. The company you choose walnut creek photo booth should have a removable bench that allows them to fit inside the booth easily.

2.) How many people fit in my photo booth at one time? When you are getting things ready for the big celebration you want to be sure guests are not waiting in a long line. Some companies only allow 3-4 people at a time, while others say the more the merrier. Your booth should be both elegant and efficient.

3.) Is your company licensed and insured? Insurance is a biggie at events. In most cases, this insurance will not only protect the company, but purchasing parties as well. The company should also be legally recognized by your state. Most school districts and larger corporations require a W9 form from businesses. If they are not licensed then you will not be able to report the expense appropriately to the government.

4.) How long has your company been in business? It is important that the company you give a big chunk of money has been around for more than 1 year. Most of the time, you will reserve a photo booth 9-12 months ahead of time. The longer your vendor has been around for, the longer you can expect them to stay in business. The last thing you want to happen is to lose money on a legitimate deposit.

5.) Can you provide me with a list of references? A list of references is essential for tracking history of a business. You want to know what previous clients have thought of their services. Any reputable company will be more than happy to give you phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Make sure they give you at least 5 references from within the past 12 months.

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