The Medical Examination Required To Get Most Life Insurance

There are many reasons why people choose term life insurance instead of “permanent” or “whole life” coverage. One key reason: A term policy is more affordable. Another reason many people buy a term policy: Coverage is available without the medical examination required by the other types of life insurance.

A doctor does the exam. It usually starts with a thorough review of your medical history with questions about illnesses you have (or have had), health-related lifestyle issues (such as eating and exercise patterns, alcohol and drug use, and other behaviors), your family health history, and more.

The physical examination includes measurement of your height and weight, plus measurement of your blood pressure and heart rate. Examination of your lungs may include chest x-rays and testing of your pulmonary function (your ability to breathe) lam bang gia.

Some physical exams include hearing and vision tests and, depending on your age, a mammogram for women and prostate exam for men. And virtually all medical examinations for life insurance include laboratory tests of your blood and urine-sent to a lab that does screening for diseases, illegal drugs, and more.

The medical exam required by many insurance companies can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. You should never avoid seeking medical care when needed. However, when buying life insurance, you have options, including one that makes a medical exam unnecessary. It’s called term life insurance. You apply by answering a few short questions about your age, height and weight, and general health. Immediately, you get a quote-free of charge and free of obligations. If it fits your budget, you can pay online…even print out your policy. Within minutes, you have insurance coverage for your family and the peace of mind that comes with it. Without a doctor’s appointment, without a physical exam, without blood and urine tests.

Many different types of people choose term life insurance without a medical examination. Some have health complications that may prevent them from “passing” a medical exam and getting ordinary life insurance. Other people-for personal or religious reasons-must avoid doctors, laboratory tests, needles, and everything else a medical examination includes. Term life insurance without a medical exam may be the only way they get protection for their family. And still other people choose insurance with no medical exam simply because they are older; they know that many companies deny the elderly new policies because of their age.

For all these people and more, the best way to get life insurance is by buying term coverage with no medical examination required. It’s one of the fastest, easiest, and affordable ways to give yourself and your family two things that money can’t buy: security and peace of mind. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn more about insurance without a medical examination. Get more details today!

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