Tawaman Rental Cars for Your Island Holiday

Tawaman Rental Car is a travel agency that deals in car hire. The agency works on behalf of its clients and looks forward to a cordial relationship with their customer. Tawaman offers three types of car to rent – the Classic, the Convertible and the Coupe. All four are available at different rates according to the length of stay and the season.

The Classic Tawaman Rental Car is the most popular among tourists, who visit the area. This rental car is equipped with all the facilities required by tourists during their stay in Tauranga. Tourists can enjoy the beach, sea sports, shopping, cafes and restaurants. There are no parking charges levied at the beach タワマン 賃貸.

The Convertible Tawaman Rental Car is more suitable for those who wish to travel around the beach and its environs. The interior of this vehicle is comfortable enough but spacious enough to accommodate up to four passengers. The seats have swivel upward making it easier for the travellers to move from one place to another. This car also offers the tourists with better leg and arm mobility, compared to the Classic car. There are separate rooms for sunbathing and sleeping.

The third type of car offered by Tawaman is the Coupe, which is basically a compact four-door sedan. It has all the facilities of an open top car including a roof, a floor and a trunk. The passenger compartment is big enough to sleep two people comfortably. However, there are provisions to insert a picnic basket in the trunk for additional comfort. Tawaman provides a deluxe car hire service for its clients.

Tawaman also offers beach tours and adventure activities in the region, along with Tauranga airport transfers. The company arranges airport pick-up and drop-off services at both major Tauranga airport and other regional airports. You can book your rental car online or at any of their outlets. You can also collect additional information about the various activities on the beach from the travel guides and brochures provided by the company. The brochures also provide information about game viewing opportunities, surfing and other water sports, kayaking and other adventurous sports.

Tawaman also arranges for car rental at the Te Puna beach, located north of Mt Maunganui. Te Puna beach features some of the best white sand in the region, which makes it ideal for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and other water sports. It is also a popular spot for game spotting, especially ferret and surf fishing. Other beach vacationers love this place for its quiet atmosphere. However, the rental cars do not stay here for long as they head back to the town every evening.

Tawaman also provides rental cars in the Papamoa area, which is a popular destination for beach vacationers. Its shallow, sandy beaches are perfect for kite boarding and other water sporting activities. There are two car hire stands in each direction of the beach, making it easy for you to find a suitable spot for your vacation. Tourists can take advantage of the free shuttle service provided by Tawaman to reach other parts of the island. The rental car staff will also provide assistance with any problems that you may encounter during your trip.

When choosing Tawaman rental cars, make sure you get one that suits your needs and is also good on the roads. They should also have sufficient leg room for your luggage. The seats should be comfortable and the backrest should be sturdy enough to withstand bumps and bruises. Tawaman is committed to meeting customer expectations in this regard and will make sure your vacation is enjoyable.

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